Draegnstoen Book Trailer

I really like movie trailers; well, good movie trailers anyway. Sometimes they’e our first exposure to an upcoming movie. Even as jaded and cynical as we can be about advertisements, we often get excited at this thing called a movie trailer. Although actually no more than an advertisement for a movie, there have been many times at the conclusion of a trailer where I have made a mental note: ‘I have GOT to see that movie when it comes out.

A couple of years ago I had never even heard of a book trailer. I still remember my first reaction. It was sort of a ‘huh?’ It seemed a rather odd thing, sort of like advertising on the radio for a movie. But it’s grown on me. At first I had no interest whatsoever. But I have moved steadily toward it and finally embraced it. With Draegnstoen coming out in just a few days, I finally took the plunge. And so, here it is.


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