Very Inspiring Blog Nomination

I have been nominated for this by Elaina Davidson.


Thank you, Elaina!

The rules are that you display the award on your blog, link back to the person who nominated you, list seven facts about yourself and then tag fifteen more people to receive the award!


1. I took three years of accordion lessons as a child. Although I no longer play, I learned how to read music and that helped me later with the piano and guitar.

2. I have longed to travel for many years and am finally beginning to see some of the places that interest me.

3. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was five years old. Other obligations delayed that, but I’m now becoming who I was meant to be. Three published novels so far, and several more to go!

4. While still in grade school I read every science fiction book at my local library.

5. In fifth grade my best friend challenged me to see who could do the most oral book reports for the year. I won, with 86.

6. Years ago, after reading about Halleys Comet, I was excited about seeing it, I bought a small telescope. However, as some of you may remember, 1986 was sort of a bust as far as viewing the comet. In spite of taking advantage of a few unique opportunities, I never did see it. Well, it’s coming back in 2061. Maybe…oh, guess not.

7. I took a year of Russian in High School and then it was discontinued. Over the years it’s sort of left me. However, I can still say ‘Hello’, ‘I only speak a little Russian’, ‘I only have a pencil’, ‘My record player is broken’, and count to ten.

Okay: Absolutely fascinating, wasn’t it?

People I am forwarding this on to:

Bev Allen
Bill Kirton
Jillian Ward
Paul Rudd
Annia Lekka
Cheri LaSota
Kimberly Gadette
Rebecca Lochlann

And…I sort of ran out of other names to add, but I didn’t want to delay this further, so, again, thank you, Elaina!

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