Tyrian Reviews

I am simply in awe of Jeff Blackmer’s scope of research. As readers we cannot always fathom just how much goes into a historical epic on this scale. We read it swiftly and yet there is so much backstory that went into it. I laud the author for his tenacity and his depth of insight; all has created a story well worth reading.

Whether you’re religious or not, I recommend reading Tyrian. You may not agree with everything, but you may also pause to think a bit, and that is the mark of a great story. If you are already aware of the masks, and the deceit perpetrated for centuries, then this is a fit for you. I found this well-structured, and the timeline is epic. 700 years a slave! That says it all, indeed. Read Tyrian to discover exactly what Atrox did for the Church over a span of 700 years, using his sword arm to dispense ‘justice’.

Then there is this: putting aside issues and cover-ups, whether this is an exposé or not, Tyrian is a great tale all in itself! This man, Atrox from Tyre, moves through the centuries engaged in wars, meeting historical figures, enduring much upon his quest. Truly an epic MUST READ and deserves all five stars without a doubt.
Elaina Davidson 5 Stars

Atrox starts off as an enforcer for the pope, having given the pope what he most desired. In exchange Atrox was gifted with 770 years of life. As the years go by he gets wiser and compassionate. Atrox not being a Christian, always had questions about the beliefs of the Catholic Church and over the centuries he lived, he began to see the truth and the answers finally came to him.
What a fantastic book!!! Filled with adventure and also chock full of historical facts.
It is also an eye opener. I was taken by the hand and taught to not accept things at face value, but to question everything, because when you have questions, you seek answers and with those answers the truth is revealed. Excellent read!!!
Monique Lomino 5 Stars