Highland King Reviews

Picking up where Draegnstoen left off Highland King is magnificent!!!! I absolutely adored the first book and so ,was not surprised that this book captured me and held me close.I am a lover of anything Scottish and this tale of Scotland’s history is a book lovers dream!! From the ways of the people to the mystical immortal warrior Scathach ,I was entranced from start to finish.The history of the Scottish people is astounding and the legends are rich with breathtaking events that at once make you wish you could have lived it but afraid you’re not made of sturdy enough stuff to have withstood everything that these amazing people have endured.Jeff Blackmer brought all this to life for me and I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to share the adventure with him. Doncann was cursed at birth and at the age of ten was forced onto the road of his foretold destiny.His journey is one that must not be taken lightly,fraught with danger at every turn Doncann proves what everyone close to him has known all along. He is destined for greatness!! This is a Must Read!! I highly recommend it!!
Monique Lomino 5 Stars

I was given a copy for an honest review…
I am new to this author and was truly surprised how much I enjoyed not only the content but the ease at which the author leads you through his world. I have Scottish roots so this book was extra special to me. Mr. Blackmer has brought a world we know little about and made it fantastical and entrancing. I had a hard time putting it down! The complexity of the characters was refreshing. So many authors get tied up in explanation yet this one shows that less is actually more. I was permitted to use his words to make my own imagination run wild!!! I loved this tome as it is my people and a glorious look into how beautiful the minds and culture of such a people was… Thank you for this present, Mr Blackmer… You have a new diehard fan!!!
Leesgrl 5 Stars

Highland King is a lot more than a rite of passage story, it is an adventure through time and humanity. We all dream of knowing the gods, of being higher born, of having a greater calling, and this is completely personified in Doncann.

The setting is so authentic and realistic you become a time traveler, catapulted back to a time when men fought with swords, own and fought for clan lands, and ruling a land was an honor only birth bestowed.

You like Doncann, there’s nothing not to like. I loved it when he had fighting lessons from Scythach. I don’t know, maybe it was the idea that this ancient Celtic goddess who taught Cu Cullain how to fight on the Isle of Skye that tickles me pink, a woman teaching a man how to fight like a man (actually how to fight like a woman) it just was the cherry on the cake for me. I LOVED IT. She’s not going easy on him. And she teaches him to fight with his mind always being sharp, on the ball, learning different techniques – which was all very well explained and revealed through Doncann’s character. It didn’t feel contrived, but I got a smirk reading about how the future king gets his lessons from a Celtic goddess (one I got the impression he had a thing for)

He gets pretty cheeky with her at times. He’s also soul lost in love with Morag. Their romance is very touching, and I like that she had a role to fulfill too (more than just as arm candy for the future king).

BUT, it all falls apart, betrayal is everywhere, their necks are always on the line, Doncann is exiled unfairly – it’s heartbreaking, but it’s only in complete despair that we find our true strength. The author cleverly gives you a lot of clues along the way, but you only twig at the culmination. So that was very well done too.

Your sense (need) for justice will be tested severely in this read. You’ll find yourself getting cross at how backwards and unfair life is, and at the same time you’ll relish the tale of a traveler, sleeping under the stars, cooking over a fire (where goddesses come to chat), and the epic enigma of the standing stones and what they really mean. Highland King is a must read for anyone in love with the Celtic tales, Scottish loyalties, a love of Arthurian type reads, and for those of you who like a good period suspense / romance / battle saga. In fact even if you’re a Gabaldon fan, you’ll enjoy this read, (A lot)

The battle scenes are not for the squeamish. I think this is a decent read for both genders. This is Game of Thrones type stuff, and definitely satisfies the lust and bloodlust of every reader. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that Orion (the warrior) is the constellation depicted on the cover.
Amazon Customer 5 Stars

There is so much to like about this modern day epic. It isn’t an epic in terms of length, but in content and all that it entails. What Jeff is able to do with Ancient Scottish mythology, and turn it into something that reverberates into the present time is mind boggling. We may not use the weaponry, or be trained by a Goddess, but all of us have been betrayed by the people we care about. Perhaps not to the same extent as Doncann, but many of the people he trusted turned their back on him. But he rose up and fought for the very heritage he questioned.

The fight scenes involved are just amazingly written. Not a gory, bloody detail was out of place and I thoroughly enjoyed what ultimately happened to a certain bad guy in the story. When you read this story few things seem to be exactly fair what happens, and how a particular bad guy appears to get the best of Doncann. But in the end I felt very satisfied with everything this epic had in it.

This book is wonderful for anyone who likes Historical Fiction, and not only that, but for those who enjoy good writing that makes you think while entertaining you the entire time.
Matthew Carter

Prepare yourself! The Highland King has it all! Ancient Scottish (and Irish) lore, druids, standing stones, magic, epic battles, a berserker, a champion, murder and mayhem in the name of greed and power, the beauty and magic of the lochs, prophecy and destiny, a sword, and, yes, a hero. A tale on this scale would not work without a right proper hero!

Meet Doncann, a boy who grows into manhood via exile and the trials of battle. He is trained by a goddess and discovers his life is marked by the foresight of the women who love and protect him. Marked as an outlaw, he is placed upon destiny’s path to unite the tribes against a common enemy.

Jeff Blackmer is a great storyteller, a modern bard who brings the ancient tales to life again. I loved the Highland King and could not put it down. And there’s an added little incentive in reading this: you are completely immersed in the Scottish manner of speaking (my favourite accent!). In fact, it’s sort of strange now to write this review in `normal’ speak, having been immersed for many enjoyable hours in another culture and time!

Absolutely worth it. Allow me to repeat that: ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!
Elaina Davidson 5 stars