Day one

Hello to all.
I have been encouraged by many to begin a blog and have finally decided to do so. For many who have, for years, known that I like to write, “Dark Age Fiction” perhaps seems an odd name for a blog. You see, I was supposed to be a Science Fiction writer.

My first day of kindergarten, when the teacher asked what we wanted to learn that year, my hand shot up. “I want to learn to read and write!”
As a kid I once got a half hour of uninterrupted time on my mom’s typewriter and wrote the first page of a story about a trip to the moon. I read *all* the science fiction books at the local library. I would go back each week to see if they had any new ones. In 5th grade we were allowed to give oral book reports in front of the class, five minutes each and a friend challenged me to see who could do the most that year. I won with eighty six.

After writing a number of short stories, I decided that the real challenge must be in the novel, and several years ago I gave it a try, a practice novel. Not entirely satisfied, I tried again. A better effort, but still not happy with it. But the biggest thing that puzzled me was that neither was science fiction. One was a modern day South Seas Adventure, and the second was 19th century Historical Fiction. And then I got the idea for Draegnstoen. It was a concept that had been percolating in my head for years. A bunch of seemingly random ideas that came together to make an interesting story.

I had always been interested in the royalty of England. I would read about a particular ruler and then wanted to find out who came before them. I kept following that course back through time until the history began to falter, taken over by legend, and there, in the Dark Ages, I knew there was a story – An historical fantasy about Stonehenge, Old King Coel, the Picts, and driving the Romans out of Britain.

After writing Draegnstoen, and getting a positive review on Harper Collins website “Authonomy”, I was able to secure an agent, Linn Prentis. She informed me that a publisher willl most likely want a second book, a sequel of sorts. Therefore, I have, for the time being, set aside three science fiction projects I was working on, a mystery thriller, and my 19th century adventure story (which I do like well enough to fix up).

It seems that I have put my feet on a different path, historical fantasy. But that’s okay, I love it, and revel in it. There are so many stories to tell. The next book is Highland King, the story of Doncann, nephew of Coel from Draegnstoen. After that, a book called Woden, several stories about the mythology of Ireland and another about Wales. This Dark Age/Iron Age era speaks to me, and I am listening.

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3 Responses to Day one

  1. To my favorite dragonslayer. Here’s to seeing that book in print!

  2. Poppet says:

    Yay! very nice blog! 😉

  3. Susy (Elmgren) Davenport says:

    So far, so wonderful! I can’t wait to read more. Keep it coming, Jeff!

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