Religion vs. Spirituality

Something a little different today.

Are you confused about religion? Does the hypocrisy make you angry? Do you wonder why everyone fights about it, why everyone is so sure they are right and everyone else is wrong, beating each other over the heads about differences of opinion, even killing each other because of religious differences?

Are you fed up with it? Are you angry with God for letting terrible things happen and maybe even worse, for killing hundreds of thousands of people in the Old Testament and so you refuse to worship a being who behaves in this way?

Or maybe you faithfully practice your religion, but if you truly looked deep down inside of yourself, and were totally honest, you’d realize it’s not making you as happy as you hoped it would.
How did it get so horribly messed up?

The short answer: Fear.

It’s too complicated. Too many people are screaming at you, telling you their path is thefreeway only one; that if you don’t go down their road you will go to hell, that they are the only ones with the truth to save you. And this is what it looks like. And I say they are wrong. Because this IS really what it looks like. Pure insanity.

And right now you may be rolling your eyes and saying, “Oh, then please enlighten us. Tell us YOUR truth. Tell us why you think your road is the best.

the pathBut I’m not going to show you a road. I just want to tell you where to start.
There is a God. He loves us; all of us. And he only asks one thing of us; that we accept his love.
You want free will? Here it is in all its purity – You can choose to accept his love or not. If you decide not to, it doesn’t matter; he still loves you anyway – just as much; and that will never change.
If you do choose to accept his love, then you WILL feel it, in ways which will inspire you. You’ll feel free, happy and most importantly, you will feel that tangible, unconditional love in ways that will continually surprise you. Everything that follows will be as a result of that decision you make. Notice – there is no punishment for exercising your free will.
It’s spirituality, not religion, with no one standing between you and God telling you what you have to do. Because it’s an individual  journey and no one’s is the same as another. And yet I am confident we will learn the same truths.
What are those truths? Sorry, I’m not going to preach to you. I’m not the source. I’m just a messenger, pointing to where the path begins.  The rest of the journey, to the source, is yours alone.

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5 Responses to Religion vs. Spirituality

  1. Janie Bill says:

    Don’t hate me if I love all religions. Their rituals and colorful outfits and that delectable feeling floating through a holy place are as exciting as talking a walk in the woods. Yes, man if flawed. It’s when we look at man in search of God that we blame God. Man can justify any action by claiming it was God’s will but that doesn’t mean God had anything to do with man’s flaws. Man also produces greatness in the name of God, even if some religious experiences are negative. You find whatever it is you are looking for.

  2. moonswoman says:

    I forget how to spell words some times I meant explanation.

  3. moonswoman says:

    love your explaination.

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