I hadn’t planned on this…

A number of years ago we were interesting in getting a dog. We decided to go “look” at some Golden Retriever puppies. To paraphrase Boromir from LOTR, One does not simply go look at Golden Retriever puppies. Once you pick up one of these little guys, hold them, look into those eyes and they lick your face, you end up taking one of them home. You hadn’t planned on it, but they grow on you pretty quick.  Oh, by the way, we named her Cinnamon.

Such has been the case with my writing adventure thus far. I’m actually a Science Fiction writer, really I am. But I also like history, particularly the older stuff. So I ended up writing Draegnstoen. And then even though I hadn’t originally planned on it, there was a sequel – Highland King, being published later this month.

Draegnstoen told a little bit about the Pictish people. Highland King is truly their story, based on all the history and legend I could get my hands on.

It’s been a great adventure writing about them, but it was time to move on to something else.  Sometimes, to look for new ideas, I go to Wikipedia and hit the “Random Article” button. If I see an interesting article, I read it. If it doesn’t catch my attention, click it again! Well, I found another story that I knew needed to be told. It pulled me in and I’ve already started writing it. And yes…more Picts.

I hadn’t planned on this. I know this will be their last book. However, they’ve sort of grown on me. I can trace my family back to their family tree. Just like many others who may not even know it, I have a little bit of blue woad in my veins. I embrace them. I’m taking them home.

I know they’re not just mine. Their blood belongs to many of us; their history belongs to all of us. They ruled Scotland for over 2000 years, and they’ve been gone as a people for nearly 1000 years. And so I created a Facebook page called “The Picts.” Here is the link:

I hope that anyone who feels an affinity and kinship for the Picts will join and share anything they know or have found about this amazing and interesting people and culture.


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